Monday, November 3, 2008

Using an External Javascript File with ASP.Net

I came across a very strange problem and a solution that I think others will benefit from.

To make things more modular I've started placing all commonly used Javascript functions into an external ".js" file. When using AJAX, the only thing you have to do to define each such file in the ScriptManager:

But here's the weird thing: Say you have a Javascript function called "abc" setup and working. If you then decide to rename it to something else (perhaps something more descriptive) you'll discover that you get an error, even when you've rebuilt your solution.

The reason is because these Javascript functions are cached in your browser, not in Visual Studio. So you need to clear your cache, which is often referred to as deleting all temporary files. Once you do that then your app will be able to find the newly named Javascript function.

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